What we do

Cloud platform

Mandic Cloud offers its own VMware-based cloud computing solutions as well as the world's leading public hyperscale cloud: AWS.

Management Cloud - IaaS

Our Experts deliver from Cloud Infrastructure such as Backup, Database and Disaster Recovery to consulting focused on cloud technology such as: architecture projects, deployment, migration, DevOps services, Data Engineering and Digital Culture Journey support.


We hold top quality certifications, including ISO 20,000 and the PCI-DSS seal, and are recognized as Managed Service Provider (MSP) of AWS.

DevOps services


Convenience and productivity for the technical team, agility in delivering products and information that accelerate the profitability and growth of your business. This is the essence of DevOps.

Mandic Cloud provides advisory services that range from the implementation of agile methodologies to guide the internal management of IT Teams to the tooling support for more effectively architecting the application, with process automation and microservices packaged in containers, continuously tested and deployed on servers that are automatically provisioned with management tools.

Data Engineering

Data Engineering

Mandic Cloud Experts deeply immerse the customer's business to understand how to generate value from each data source. We support everything from capturing, processing, transforming, cleaning for quality assurance to making it available in a visually oriented interface for exploring and interacting with data in an intuitive way for analysis and insight into the company's business areas.

Cloud Infrastructure


Mandic Cloud Solutions has directed all its research and development efforts to provide a scalable cloud platform that adapts to enterprise applications and systems, eliminating project-related costs and risks and delivering significant performance gains.

Our Infrastructure solutions help organizations of all sizes achieve the best results from Cloud Computing in the short, medium and long term. In addition to providing the best and most complete security in the industry for your cloud business.

About Mandic

Mandic Cloud is one of the largest references in Cloud and DevOps management in Latin America and Brazil's leader in managing enterprise cloud environments (public, hybrid and private).

Our Expert Team delivers tailor-made solutions for each company based on their phase within the cloud journey: from architecture, deployment, migration, cloud management to DevOps automation, Data Engineering, and Digital Culture deployment assistance, among other unique solutions for the corporate market.



Printi: We fully rely on the work of the Mandic Cloud team

We fully rely on the work of the Mandic Cloud team and understand that the new architecture and modernization has brought us rapid new application creation, more efficient cloud environment management and quality of our services. This impacts the business as a whole, improves the user experience, increases conversion rate and increases sales.

Nino Palermo Technology Director

Fox Film: 70% improvement in stability

There has been a 70% improvement in stability, access to information, and safety. For both IT team and staff using the system. Before implementation, the team took an average of half an hour to be able to generate a report, today, because of the new system, they get the same information in just 10 minutes.

Arlen Silva IT Coordinator

Óticas Diniz: Mandic Cloud has been keeping pace with the growth of our business at the pace and space we need

Mandic Cloud has been keeping pace with the growth of our business at the pace and space we need, and we can increase our use of cloud computing without having to invest in a new infrastructure or stop our activities when we require software updates.

Fernando Fanizzi Technology Director

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